"If I had been asked to compare OSMU

with Indian medical institutions,

I would have compared it with

All India Institute of Medical Sciences."

Prof. Deoki Nandan,

Doctor Honoris Causa & Visiting Professor (OSMU)

Principal & Dean

S. N. Medical College, Agra

Dear Mrs. Tatyana Dhakre,
It was my first visit to Ukraine. Before that I had very wrong impression about this country. I was surprised to notice that Ukraine is one of the most beautiful, developed and nature wise rich country. Odessa State Medical University where I was for a week is one of the best medical institutions, as I had been to different universities of India, U.S.A. and many other European countries. As a medical teacher I can say that all necessary facilities required for best education are there in OSMU. I wish that those Indian medical colleges who are in collaboration with OSMU shall share a lot in the field of medical education and research.

Dr. R. S. Chauhan

Retd. Prof. & Head of Dept. of Cardio-thoracic Surgery

S. N. Medical College, Agra